The Sign City Story

Founded in 1993, we have grown and developed into one of South Africas leading fleet branding providers!

What We Do

Custom Designs

Don’t have an inhouse designer to craft your artwork? No worries, let our capable and professional team handle this for you.

Execution from A-Z

Once the design is finalised, we take care of the rest. From print to application, you’re in good hands.


Nothing lasts forever, that’s why we’re here to maintain wherever necessary, to keep your brand looking slick. We also reassure you with our quality promise by supplying warranties you can trust.

About Sign City

Do you need high quality signage solutions to suit your business needs and budget?

At Sign City, we deliver the highest quality vehicle branding and signage solutions. We’ve been providing quality service for 30 years, and that’s why we’re the experts in the biz. 

We offer 6 different types of signage options to choose from, but that’s not all. If there’s a sign you need a bespoke design and application for, reach out to us to discuss how we can make the magic happen and bring your ideas to life.

‘A lot has changed over the past 30 years, but one thing has remained constant – the need to create awareness about your business. Digital is perceived as better than print, but nothing makes an impact or lasts as long as static printed touch points.

Trust us! Look around your city, who is always there suspended from a high rise building or passing you by on the bus? The biggest brands including soft drink brands, body lotions, even cellphone networks. There’s a reason why the largest and most well known brands invest heavily in signage from vehicles to exteriors, because it works. Frequency is key to make your brand memorable and stay in the forefront in the minds of your target audience. 

Design trends, styles and approaches have evolved, but one thing won’t change, and that’s the impact you can achieve by printing your logo and applying it to as many physical, visible channels as possible.’

Only the Best



Since 1993 we’ve been working hard, starting from the bottom, now we’re at the top. Name the substrate and we’ve printed on it, no matter the scale – our team has a thorough understanding and historical knowledge in all things print and signage. 


Latest Technology

It’s important to invest in the latest print technologies, modern options are faster, use less ink and are quicker to turn-around with less errors.


Quality Control

We’re here to make you look good. That means we don’t compromise on quality control. No blurry prints, no spelling errors, ensuring you get the best of the best.

Years in the business

Completed Projects