Vehicle Branding & Graphics – Vehicle Wraps & Wrapping

Sign City specializes in Vehicle Wraps.

We have assembled the best team of designers and installers in Gauteng!

Here’s why our wraps are a cut above the competition:

  • It’s all in the details – The Installation!

  • One of the most important aspects of a Vehicle Wrap is actually often one of the most overlooked ones – the installation.

  • What most of our clients don’t know
    is that the life of your vehicle wrap
    almost always comes down to the
    talent and experience of your vehicle
    wrap installer.

  • Our wrap installers work on vehicles full time, and have been professionally trained, working for years in the field.  That’s why we can offer a level of quality and precision that other companies just can’t match.  All of our wraps and vehicle branding also include a detailed inspection checklist and warranty booklet.

We go to the lengths that others don’t!
When wrapping your vehicle, we take the extra time and care to remove parts of the vehicle that should be wrapped under and NOT over. This includes tail lights, emblems, badges, bumpers and other parts.
These little details mean a more seamless installation, and one that will last you for years to come.

We are fortunate enough to have some of the best in-house graphic designers that have helped deliver our clients some spectacular wraps. Our designers know what makes an effective wrap, and will coach you through the process, giving you tips and their advice on what looks best, and more importantly, what will be more effective in grabbing attention.

In fact, our work was the feature of an article in an international sign magazine, Sign Builder Illustrated. Our wrap portfolio will give you an even better idea of the quality of our designs.

The Best in Materials

It only makes sense that if we offer the best to our clients, that we don’t cut corners when it comes to the most important aspect a vehicle wrap, the wrap film itself. We ONLY USE HIGH QUALITY products such as: